#SmallEpic videos

I’ve been busy with making little videos of the #SmallEpic mini performances which I call my #SmallEpic performances. Two so far but more planned. I am also developing them into a live event for small groups. Headphones are suggested



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Balinese Rehearsals


This year I was not scheduled to perform in the LSO Balinese Concert as the gamelan aren’t playing any group male dances. Instead, I went along to one of the final rehearsals to take a few pictures of the dancers and the players in rehearsal.

I have found a little community where Westerners are playing Eastern music and dancing Eastern dances with care and reverence, honing their skills and making the individual parts interlock effortlessly. I get lost in reverie listening to the music, how effortlessly complex and beautiful it all sounds. And the dances too. I was sad not to have photographed Ni Made Pujawati dancing (but I photographed her and Wayan Din dancing last year in this blog.  )

If you’re interested in the Balinese dance form please look up Lila Bhawa online. They are a London-based Indonesian dance troupe who train regularly and welcome interest from male and female dancers. Lila Cita‘s Facebook group is more active with information, the gamelan group have 2 performances as year at the LSO where they also have a community gamelan group which teaches Balinese gamelan for beginners as well as professional musicians.

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DJ JeanFranko

A chance meeting

I’d met the up-coming DJ, Jean Franko in London a few years ago by chance and I asked him if he would be up for being photographed. A great face and an amazing physique I was surprised when he said yes to the next time he was going to be in London. The time was set for the autumn 2015.

He’d come by the studio and I was initially taken aback by how warm and willing to get working on his poses. He was very helpful in suggesting lighting and poses, which for a novice like me was grateful for. I look forward to the next time he’s in London. I can’t wait to get him in the studio again.

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Painting for the @ChrissieHynde video for #AddingTheBlue

Originally published on JamieZubairi.com but as it’s about painting, I thought I’d add it to this website too!


Jamie Zubairi and Adding The Blue

Jamie Zubairi and Adding The Blue

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Painting Page

Just in case you missed it, I have a new painting page with added paintings from the exhibition that was just up (still running until the 21st of July at Blend Cafe, 587 Green Lanes, London N8 0RG


See the paintings here

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Starting an Art and Photography Blog

Well, here will be the works from my art and photography. Nothing to do with my acting websites but related… slightly

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Replace The Cup #photo

This gallery contains 1 photo.

This is outside some church space in the city, possibly near St Paul’s

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Earth Woman – #painting with @julietteJeTaime

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Juliette JeanClaude and I were painting in my studio on a paintdate. We wanted to paint each other after moving and dancing and feeling each other. This is the result.

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This gallery contains 1 photo.

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Synonyms For Churlish: Close Encounters of the ADORED Kind (sorry)

Synonyms For Churlish: Close Encounters of the ADORED Kind (sorry)

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