The Artist

Jamie Zubairi is a creative who gaining a diploma in Foundation Art from Leicester De Montfort University in 1992, trained as an actor at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, graduating in 1997. He continued to self-study as a painter, completing No Puedo Hacerlo in 2006, Like A King in 2007 and finally an exhibition of the range of his new works in 2008 in the group show What Day Job??? with fellow actor-painters Sioned Jones and Meaghan Burchartz.

In 2007 he attended the first of what was to be the Authentic Artist workshops and became one of the founder members of the Authentic Artist Collective, headed by Kath Burlinson.

In June 2014 he had his first solo exhibition at Blend Cafe in North London. It was his first exhibition of pure watercolours. He continues to paint and experiment with the process of painting in his studio.



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